No Income Loans

Although the status of an inactive person is not an obstacle to obtaining borrowed funds, almost all banks are wary of such applicants. The reason is that the applicant cannot prove his income, which means that it is risky to issue a bank loan. The way out is to contact a lender that is ready to give the unemployed a payday loans Glendale CA.

The first loan to the unemployed, naturally, will be small. There are MFIs that periodically hold promotions, within which you can get a payday loan without interest. If a company lent money to a non-working person, and he returned it safely and on time, later he can hope for a significant increase in the credit line, even up to the maximum amount. Payday loan in California to the unemployed is provided without refusal and at a certain interest rate (as is the case with all other borrowers).

How to get a no income loan?

The terms for providing financial assistance are simple, understandable to everyone:

  • read the list and terms of loans available to you. Choose the one that best suits your requests and return options.
  • fill out the application form on the website, attaching the necessary documents.
  • enter a valid phone number and e-mail. In case of an error, the consideration of your application and the resolution of the issue may be delayed.
  • wait for a response. If the application is approved, the loan to the card for the unemployed is deosited within 24 business hours (sometimes a little earlier or a little later).
  • provide reliable information. This will speed up the decision-making process. If inaccurate information is revealed, the borrower will no longer be able to become the client of the payday lender.

How to qualify for no income loan?

When taking out a loan for the unemployed, the consumer must meet specific conditions. The main one is age, and there are differences. Some firms work with people from the age of 21, others from the age of 18. The maximum age limit, as a rule, reaches 60-65. What should citizens without work, who want to get money instantly, have: a valid ID; bank card; phone number; a device that allows you to access the Internet.

To transfer a payday loan to a card without refusal and urgently, plastic belonging to a potential borrower also meets a number of criteria. Visa, MasterCard issued by any domestic bank are suitable. They can be debit or credit, but they must be personalized, and also have an unexpired period of validity. When applying for a loan instantly, a person enters the number of the payment instrument and the code from its turnover into the application. This information allows you to check the account and understand whether it is suitable for the transaction.